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3 Popular Types of Corporate Glass Awards

corporate glass awards

Beautiful, custom-made corporate glass awards are the perfect way to recognize the contributions of the members of your organization and to encourage their continued success.

The three most popular types of glass that are used to design awards for corporate entities are glass, crystal and optic glass. Here’s a quick rundown on the different material options for your next corporate award:

Glass Award Options

Glass is the most common and most affordable material used in award making and exists in two common types: jade glass and white/clear glass. 

Jade glass

Jade glass, also known as green glass, is the most common type of glass used in designing awards. The name green glass comes from the slight green tinge that it has around its edges. Most award suppliers use this type of glass in making awards because it is readily available, and it is the least expensive of all the other types of glass used in award making. With its thickness ranging between 2mm – 19mm, they are easily printed and etched in the back to give a multi-dimensional look to the award.

White Glass

Also referred to as Starfire, extra-clear or clear glass, white glass has a slight blue tinge to it, visible from the edges of the glass. While it is not completely transparent, it gives a white reflection from a close distance. Artwork that is engraved on white glass radiates with an attractive white shimmering touch that brings the artwork to life and has high aesthetic appeal. It is the recommended type of glass when designing awards that contain detailed artwork and complex patterns. Its unique radiant characteristic makes it about twice as expensive as green glass.

Crystal Options

Crystal (Leaded Crystal) and Optic Crystal

Crystal glass is also commonly referred to as lead crystal. It contains the added element of lead oxide, which gives the glass a soft feel and added sparkle. Crystal glass is used widely in many types of awards due to its soft nature (which makes it easy to carve into various shapes) and its added sparkle, which accentuates the artwork etched onto it.

Optic crystal on the other hand is a type of glass that derives its name from ophthalmic crystal, which means lenses. It is the type of reflective glass that is used in telescopes. It is manufactured by heating it to a very high temperature and allowing the glass to slowly cool down as bubbles and other impurities are eliminated. The final result is a clear and hard glass, clearer than leaded crystal glass, and more expensive. Please feel free to browse our large selection of corporate glass award options and let us know how we can help on your next order.