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Facts About Employee Recognition Awards

employee recognition awards

Employee recognition awards and programs for your employees contribute to a welcoming, exciting and profitable environment of your Company. Being recognized for productive, hard work is essential to the growth and morale of the workplace, as well as, for the short and long term growth of your Company. Your staff responds to the appreciation expressed with employee recognition awards,  because it confirms their hard work is valued by others. Keep in mind that most employees are motivated by two main goals: The paycheck and doing work that makes them proud.

Successful people, past and present, all agree that human nature craves praise and recognition, which ultimately makes for an outstanding workplace and a stronger ‘bottom line’. An employee recognition awards program also makes for an environment filled with healthy competition among the various departments in your firm, weather it be a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual program, that healthy competition promotes creativity and productivity, along with the focus on the importance of team-work, which as we all know, is highly beneficial to your company.

Remember, a person that is appreciated, will always do more than expected. Developing and maintaining your Employee Recognition program can be fun and simple. Just drop us a line at Anderson, give us a call or stop by our beautiful interactive showroom in North Hollywood, for your personalized consultation with one of our custom awards and promotional product consultants, to help guide you through the process. Our goal at Anderson Trophy is to do make the process a simple, rewarding and budget friendly.  Let us show you how to reward your hard working team! We are here to help with all your Recognition Award and Engraved Promotional product needs. Ask about our seasonal money saving specials that are sure to fit your specific needs.

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Why Employee Recognition Programs Are Important For Your Organization

employee recognition programs

Many organizations do not fully appreciate all the benefits of having a well thought-out employee recognition program.  Sometimes employee recognition programs are almost an afterthought.  There are many good reasons to consider recognizing the efforts of your team.

Are you rewarding your team?

There is a lot of research to show that employee recognition programs for exemplary behavior shines a light on the actions and attitudes you’re looking for in your employees. By taking the time to genuinely connect with all your volunteers and staff, and recognizing your key performers with employee recognition products, you’ll inspire the true dedication, commitment and hard work required to overcome challenges, exceed revenue goals and find new ways to reach your organization’s goals.

People who work for your company are more than just employees.  Acknowledging and celebrating the on-the-clock and off-the-clock moments with your employees, emphasizing and underscoring the type of behaviors and attitudes you want to promote, can be well symbolized with giving them an appreciation award, something that can help make them who they are.

Why you should consider an employee recognition program.

At Anderson Trophy Co., we can help you build a force that understands how to bring your company’s values to life in meaningful and relevant ways.  A regular employee recognition program, either on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis, can be the tailwind that propels your team forward.  Your show of appreciation is key to keeping your staff aligned to corporate values, keeping morale and engagement high.

By taking the time to genuinely connect with all staff, by recognizing and rewarding your key performers, with employee recognition products, you’ll inspire the true dedication you would expect from your entire work force.

Easy solutions for employee recognition programs.

The friendly expert staff at Anderson Trophy offers a consultative approach to helping your organization put together a complete employee recognition program, to provide motivation for the results you want to achieve. Please feel free to check out a sample of our awards that are well-suited for recognizing employees and volunteers for your organization.  In addition to our focus on customer service, we are committed to a long-lasting partnership with you and your staff, assisting with the design and development of your existing or new Recognition and Awards program.

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Customize Your Team’s First Place Ribbons With Your Team’s Mascot

Nothing speaks more of team spirit than proudly boasting the school’s mascot on memorabilia. Everyone knows the excitement of watching the mascot run down the field after a winning shot, or how it can raise the spirit of the team and the attendees when the team is down a few points.

The mascot is more than a person in a costume; it is a symbol of solidarity, which unites the team and motivates them to succeed. Adding your mascot to first place ribbons you award your winning athletes makes the ceremony much more special. As much as letter jackets are treasured by recipients and envied by other players, first place award ribbons with your team’s mascot will remind players about their team for years to come!

Recognizing Outstanding Talent

While any prize ribbon can have a team’s name or category for which they won, a custom award ribbon with a team mascot will truly embody the team’s spirit.

Adding your mascot to symbols of athletic recognition, such as a first place ribbon, for all to see during the presentation adds to the level of excitement for the entire group.  The mascot is a symbol of the team’s unity and common goal, which is the perfect thing to include on a first prize ribbon, reminding all players that there’s no I in team and everyone’s contribution is necessary for success.

Mascots Equal Spirit

The whole point behind the mascot is to raise the team’s spirit, which is why mascots came into existence in the first place. Every coach knows that there are two major components to winning a game – talent and spirit. When you lack the spirit, the team becomes lifeless and loses its sense of purpose. The mascot symbolizes not just winning, but also the combined work of the team to becoming number one.

Club Awards 

For some, the awards ceremony is the final touch to any season for the club, where recognition is given not only to the individual players, but to team as a whole. A strong school spirit brings the entire student body together, not only those in the sports club, but also school wide.

Adding a mascot to first place ribbons creates a long-lasting and one-of-a-kind gift for your treasured athletes.

Where to buy first place ribbons? At Anderson Trophy, where we understand the need for a mascot and wish to add yours to the first place ribbons you give your winning athletes. Check out our inventory at our Los Angeles showroom at 12901 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605, or email us today!

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Decorative Plaques for Government Employees

Managers are always looking for ways to motivate their employees to be more productive. In the government sector, this is no exception, plus the leaders in this industry are often restrained by tight budgets and may not be able to reward their staff by raises or bonuses.

The good news is that monetary rewards may not be necessary to increase productivity at all! In fact, a study by the University of Warwick recently found that employees are more productive at work when they are happy. The study claims that happy employees can be up to 12 percent more productive.

How can you improve the corporate culture in your government office and lead your staff to be happier? By recognizing your employees’ hard work and effort with award ceremonies where you give out decorative plaques as rewards for good performance.

When you reward your subordinates, you let them know that you see their efforts and value them. Appreciation award plaques are inexpensive, attractive and provide the following benefits:

Job Satisfaction

Giving out custom picture plaques to your staff members shows that you recognize what they are doing, and you appreciate how they are invested in the department’s success. It should come as no surprise when you start to notice that the person you awarded the plaque to becomes inspired to work harder days or weeks after receiving award.

Job Loyalty

When employees know that management takes the time to notice their contributions and thanks them with custom plaque picture plaques, they don’t feel ignored and invisible on the job, which is a common complaint of many government employees. This means that these individuals will feel appreciated and will likely be more committed and loyal to their jobs.

Team Spirit

Decorative plaques awarded to employees are good for team spirit and employee morale. Be creative when giving out the awards by allowing employees to nominate one another for different award categories. It helps when you involve everyone in the ceremony, as well as showing the recipient that everyone in the team has the same high opinion about their performance at work.

Anderson Trophy has a wide variety of appreciation award plaques you can choose from. Start shopping today by visiting our Los Angeles store at 12901 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605 or contact us online here.

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Engravable Office Gifts for New Employees

engravable office gifts

Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.

-Amelia Barr

The U.S labor force grew by 555,000 people, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics report released in February of 2016. This means there are a lot of new employees taking on jobs in new industries and offices across the nation.

So what can you do to help your new employees feel welcomed to the team? What exactly are the most ideal engravable office gifts that you can grab to help someone feel included and welcome on your team? At Anderson Trophy, we know that shopping for your fellow office workers, bosses, or new employees can feel a bit daunting. You want to gift them with a meaningful and unique present while also remaining appropriate and professional for the work environment.

Engravable Office Gift Ideas

Here is a list of quality, personalized, engravable office gifts for new employees that you can give out on their birthday, at a work party, or for other special celebrations at the office.

  • Desk accessories

Desk accessories help people make a mark and personalize their own personal space in the office. A personalized desk accessory is a great way to welcome a new team member. Daily calendars or scheduling diaries, notebooks, and pens are popular and by engraving their names on these items it shows that you really took the time to make something special and that they’re a special part of your team.

  • Flower vases

On special occasions, for birthdays or other holidays, you can make a flower delivery all that more special by including a customized vase. It will encourage your employees to continue bringing in fresh flowers which can bring a positive energy to the workspace.

  • Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs and beverage holders always go over well and are sure to get good use, not to mention that they’re a great eco-friendly gift idea. You can personalize these items for new employees by adding photographs, monograms, or the company logo on the mugs.

  • Office stationery

Creating a customized pen or office stamp set bearing the team member’s name or the company name and logo can help to personalize their workspace while adding an air of sophistication to any work area. 

  • Awards, frames, and canvas prints

Wall decor and photo frames brighten up generalized workspaces and can help new employees show off their own unique sense of style. At Anderson, our team can help you customize picture frames or wall decor with photos from company events and outings, or special welcome messages from the team to new members of your  staff. Engraving names or department titles helps to add a personal touch.

  • Travel accessories

For your sales team or any employee who travels a lot, gifting a personalized travel accessory can be a perfect way to offer a small welcome or to say thanks for a job well done. From engravable passport covers or personalized name tags for their travel bags, it’s a gift that’s sure to get good use.

  • Computer accessories

Mouse pads, USB drives and business clocks can all be personalized and included in a new staff member welcome basket ready for them at their desk on the first day at the office. 

Buying a gift for the newest member coming to work at your office doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The gift ideas listed above are thoughtful and professional enough to suit the work environment. Check out our extensive inventory of engravable office gifts and let us know how we can help you make your new employees feel special on their first day!

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Benefits of Using Prize Ribbons to Motivate Students to Succeed in School

prize ribbons at Anderson Trophy

In a survey by, 80 percent of respondents agreed that schools should motivate their students. What is the best way for schools to encourage their students to learn and succeed? to Stephanie, a contributor at Test big essays, recommends that school administrators create multiple categories for rewarding their students with prize ribbons.

Student reward programs are popular and effective in almost every school that uses them. However, how you reward the kids, and whom you reward, can have a great impact on the rest of the students. According to Stephanie, creating the school’s reward categories to include students who were top performers in both educational and non-educational activities is the best strategy. Distributing award medals and ribbons to a large number of students in the classroom improves their team spirit.

According to an article in Educational World, custom prize ribbons don’t have to be expensive. In the article dubbed, “Reward Systems That Work,” the author offers 30 different ways to reward students and impact how they view both their academic and co-curricular activities. Almost all the reward methods are cheap, making them great supplementary options for your students!

Benefits of the Reward Programs

  • Improves team spirit because everyone knows that they can get rewarded
  •  Motivates students to study hard and actively participate in different co-curricular activities
  • Creates a lasting memory of the school years for students

An all-inclusive student reward program will have a significant impact on your students because they will all get an equal chance to win prize ribbons for doing activities they love. Rewarding a large number of kids sends out a strong message to the students that teachers and school staff values their work and recognizes their school spirit!

Find affordable custom prize ribbons Anderson Trophy’s Los Angeles location, 12901 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605 or email us here.