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Benefits of Using Prize Ribbons to Motivate Students to Succeed in School

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In a survey by, 80 percent of respondents agreed that schools should motivate their students. What is the best way for schools to encourage their students to learn and succeed? to Stephanie, a contributor at Test big essays, recommends that school administrators create multiple categories for rewarding their students with prize ribbons.

Student reward programs are popular and effective in almost every school that uses them. However, how you reward the kids, and whom you reward, can have a great impact on the rest of the students. According to Stephanie, creating the school’s reward categories to include students who were top performers in both educational and non-educational activities is the best strategy. Distributing award medals and ribbons to a large number of students in the classroom improves their team spirit.

According to an article in Educational World, custom prize ribbons don’t have to be expensive. In the article dubbed, “Reward Systems That Work,” the author offers 30 different ways to reward students and impact how they view both their academic and co-curricular activities. Almost all the reward methods are cheap, making them great supplementary options for your students!

Benefits of the Reward Programs

  • Improves team spirit because everyone knows that they can get rewarded
  •  Motivates students to study hard and actively participate in different co-curricular activities
  • Creates a lasting memory of the school years for students

An all-inclusive student reward program will have a significant impact on your students because they will all get an equal chance to win prize ribbons for doing activities they love. Rewarding a large number of kids sends out a strong message to the students that teachers and school staff values their work and recognizes their school spirit!

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