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5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Trophy Cup

There are a lot of options on the market for trophy plaques and cups these days making it a bit difficult for you to choose one for your next event. While going for a custom trophy cup or plaque is one of the best ways to deal with the dilemma you should take care to follow some simple rules to make sure that your trophy is the best fit for your occasion. Below are 5 tips to help you pick out an ideal trophy cup for your specific needs.

Consider the Event Type

All trophies are created differently and feature various style elements and designs. Considering that your trophy would be the center of attraction during the presentation ceremony you should make sure that it suits the event perfectly. For instance, giving a large cumbersome trophy cup for a 100-meter dash in a school competition might look awkward. In this sort of case, an attractive custom trophy plaque might suit the mood of the event better.

Consider the Age Group

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a trophy is to make sure that it fits the age of the contestants in the event. While colorful and comical trophies in different shapes and designs can be suited for small children there are also trophies that are a bit more contemporary in style that are more suited for college-level events. For professional events, trendy custom trophies would be the best.

Consider the Trophy Weight

The weight of the trophy is often compared parallel to the worth of the award. For instance, if you give a lightweight trophy to the winning team of a sports event, their joy and happiness of the achievement would disappear immediately as soon as they lift the trophy. A heavy trophy, on the other hand, would boost the feeling of accomplishment for the team, which is what giving a trophy is meant for.

Consider the Material

You can get trophy plaques in many different types of materials nowadays. From traditional options like metal and wood to modern alternatives like acrylic, crystal, and glass, you have numerous choices in the material type today. You can also choose to carve or inscribe on the trophy to make it more stylish and special to the person receiving the award.

Consider the Trophy Size

The size of the trophy always matters when celebrating an event. The bigger the trophy cup, the more it strikes the sense of accomplishment. Yet at the same time, the size should be chosen in accordance with the event type and age group so that it serves its purpose well. Just make sure that it is adequately sized so that it upholds the importance of the achievement of the person.