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Boost Student Engagement with Custom School Ribbons

custom school ribbons

Everyone wants to feel accepted and appreciated for what they do in life. This isn’t something unique to adults, but children as well. As adults we come to understand that we won’t always receive a pat on the back for a job well done, but as a child, receiving even a small amount of appreciation and praise for putting in effort can help boost self confidence and spur them on to bigger and better things.

When a child feels accepted and appreciated, they are more engaged and more likely to put in a greater effort which is exactly why custom school ribbons are such a great and inexpensive method used by school teams and academic clubs to help students know that their work is appreciated. This small token of gratitude goes a long way in propelling all of your students towards future greatness.

The Importance of a Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is something many people struggle with. Whether on the job, dealing with relationships or life in general, our self-esteem is usually in constant flux. For most adults we come to find ways to balance this out and consider ways to meet our own needs for achieving healthy self-esteem. For children, however, these skills are not fully developed and it’s often up to the parents, teachers and mentors of young people to help them build up a healthy sense of self worth and confidence.

It’s a given that the home life plays a vital role in the development of a child’s self-esteem, and it makes sense that what goes on at school is nearly just as important. And while an article published in The Washington Post revealed that researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences found the self-esteem of a 5-year-old is just as strong as that as an adult, it’s important to keep top of mind that as a child grows and ages, what goes on at school becomes even more of an influence on their self-esteem levels.

This means that it’s often up to educators and mentors to contribute efforts for providing confidence boosting activities and experiences while at school. This not only can help increase a child’s level of self-esteem, but make the idea of going to school, trying new activities and striving for success that much more enjoyable for young, impressionable minds.

Custom School Ribbons

Custom school ribbons are one of the most effective and cost efficient methods for helping to build up a student’s awareness of how their contributions can have an affect on their community at large. And best of all? Custom school ribbons can be handed out for nearly anything as you have the ability to customize each ribbon based on the student, club, sports team or special event.  

Whether you’re looking to recognize a young one for their perfect attendance, an improvement in their test scores or something related to being brave and trying something for the first time, offering a memento that is customized to that particular situation is limited only by your imagination.

At Anderson Trophy, we pride ourselves on helping school administrators find inexpensive, on-budget solutions to help boost student engagement because we know that an investment in the growth and development of a child’s confidence and self-esteem can last a lifetime.

Boosting a child’s confidence is vital for long term development and growth. When a child feels confident they are more likely to step outside of the box and push themselves. Custom school ribbons may sound like something small to most adults, but even this simple token of accomplishment can give a child a much needed boost of confidence.  

So give us a call at (818) 765-3770. We’re here to help you and your school find the perfect customized school ribbon for all of your various events and activities, including after school programs and early-on athletic programs that work to boost a child’s self esteem and confidence when they need it the most.