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Creative Wholesale Promotional Items for Your Company

wholesale promotional items

Souvenirs have long been popular with folks attending the opening of a new store, a tradeshow, or popular cultural site. Whatever the situation, customers often search for promotional or branded mementos when attending events outside of their normal day-to-day routine.

Whether customers walk away with a well-designed, to-go coffee cup, or a high quality phone charger, picking up a freebie often feels a bit like winning a prize. And that feeling, that positive uptick in energy, is great for your brand. Moreover, well-made wholesale promotional items are often kept for years, with your customers viewing your company’s logo on a regular basis.

Wholesale Promotional Items

With wholesale promotional items, your brand remains in constant sight so that when the time arrives for your potential customer to make a buying decision within your product category, your brand is already a long-time familiarity to them. This familiarity then translates into a situation where people feel comfortable buying from companies they’re already familiar with.

Companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars on advertising each year. Everywhere a consumer looks, an ad of some form is promoting a product or service. Whether it’s television, fliers, magazines, billboards, in storefront windows, along a retail aisle – the way we’re advertised to is endless.

But what all of these ads lack is a tangible artifact that the consumer is able to keep close.

Most everyone uses pens, keychains, and bottle openers. So with your logo on these types of wholesale promotional items, your target audience is receiving constant messaging related to your company.

And for tradeshows, unusual gifts or new twists on well-loved souvenirs can be especially popular:

Consumers Give Back

An interesting study from the New York Times revealed how folks are trained from birth that when we are given something, we feel obligated to return the favor. In the promotional arena, when you give consumers wholesale promotional items, they unconsciously feel the need to reciprocate in order to say thanks.

Tupperware learned this decades ago. Host a party, have a game and give gifts to every person in the room. In turn, each person feels an obligation to purchase which can result in consumers having at least one barrier to purchase removed and increasing the chance for sales.

Promotional Items Bring Return Business

When choosing promotional pieces, think through your industry and how your products might be able to tie into what you offer in a natural way. For example, if you’re in the healthcare service industry or insurance, a letter opener might be perfect for when your potential customer is opening billing statements.

If you’re in the business of selling food items, promotions involving kitchen utensils or barware might make sense. A handsome set of knives with a cutting board or a customized cocktail shaker could be a perfect giveaway at higher ticket events where the business stakes are a bit higher.

Creative, high quality gifts are not only treasured, they ended up being shared. And this is how your message can then travel to another set of consumers—over time, reducing the overall cost of promoting your business to new customers. If you’re in the market for high quality wholesale promotional items to spread the word about your business, please reach out to one of our experts here at Anderson Trophy so that we can help you zero in on the best options for your business within your budget.