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A Custom First Place Ribbon for Your School

first place ribbon

Whether you coach elementary, middle, or high school kids, it’s a good idea to reward your players when they perform well. One way is to customize a first place ribbon with your team’s mascot.

Of course you could order a customized trophy, celebrate with a pizza party, or say thanks by going easy on them at tomorrow’s practice. You could do all of those things, and they would be appreciated, but when you’re working on a budget and still want to show how much their hard work matters, first place ribbons are able to inspire passion and pride to bring your team together.

First Place Ribbons versus Trophies

When you hear the word “ribbon” you might think back to your childhood. Those blue first place ribbons were given out at pie eating contests at the State Fair, middle school track meets and the punt/pass/kick competitions for football. They can even conjure up memories of science fairs and spelling bees.

Ribbons instill a sense of pride, and most kids can’t help but smile when they show their parents a new first place ribbon. Here are some of the reasons why many schools opt for ribbons over customized trophies:

  • Price

    Ribbons are a low-cost alternative to trophies and still offer a high-quality way to highlight a person’s excellent achievements.

  • Easy to transport

    Whereas trophies can be difficult to transport, award ribbons are lightweight and simple to store, carry and display.

  • Unity

    Your team’s mascot is a symbol and every person on the team feels a connection to the group through the symbol of your mascot and team name. Customizing a first place ribbon to include your team’s mascot helps build a bond between coaches and teammates; another great way to build camaraderie.

Build Your Team’s Ribbon

Your players make up your team and finding a way to show them that you care is important, even when you are on a tight budget. Opting for lower cost award ribbons is a way to build unity, develop trust, and encourage teamwork without going over your school’s budget.

Leave your mark and design a customized ribbon with your team’s mascot. Give your team a ribbon they can proudly hang off their backpack, carry around from class to class, and that they can look at when they feel down and need something to feel good about. Remember how ribbons made you feel? Share those feelings, make memories, and build your team’s ribbon today.