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Custom Gift Ideas for Competition Winners

Every winner deserves some appreciation in some form. When you consider options to show your appreciation in the form of a token, there are several options available. It is better to choose a gift that reminds the observer of the efforts put in to win the competition. Besides, it should also be something that attracts everyone’s attention. You can consider the following options when it comes to custom gifting ideas.

Trophies: The Top Choice for All Occasions

A trophy is the first thing that comes to the mind when people think of an award. It is the most preferred award for corporate feats to talent competitions and sports tournaments. However, this does not mean that you have to pick a cliché trophy. There are several custom trophies available today that offer great variety. These include a usual trophy to more sophisticated pieces and are ideal for fundraising events, auto shows, academics, sports, and much more. 

Plaques: Awards That Catch the Eyes

If people receive good looking awards, they would surely want to show it off. Custom plaques are a very attractive symbol of success. They can be displayed in your office, at home, or at any other location. The most attractive plaques have broad looking graphics and catchy shades that are customized to the theme of the competition. They are not just attractive options, but if you add the right engraving, you can personalize plaques to cherish the feeling of success.

Medals: Wearable Prizes for Winners

Every custom award may not be designed for display on the wall or inside a case. If you are looking for prizes that winners can easily wear, there is no better option than a custom medal. The tradition of medals is a very long one and can be traced back in history. They are used in top global competitions as well as in local competitions. A competitor would be honored to wear a medal around their neck after successfully competing and the best thing is that people can wear them anywhere they go.

Acrylic: Artistic Awards

In case you are looking for an artistic gift to award after a competition, a custom acrylic trophy is a great choice. These pieces bring together artistic expression and leave a good impression on the viewer. They are mostly used when congratulating an employee for long term success or awarded to a local team for their performance throughout the season.