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Custom Made Trophies for Your Co-Ed Adult Sports League

custom made trophies

Tired of the look your local co-ed sports league trophy? Having a custom made trophy can change the way everyone looks at the team and the game!

An aesthetically appealing trophy can also boost the morale of your team players, the visibility of your sponsors and the support of your fans. However, knowing where to get a great quality trophy that will reflect the goals and spirit of the team isn’t always easy. Below we offer a guide into custom made trophies and how you can find one that best suits your sports league’s personality!

Reasons to Invest in a Custom Made Trophy

There is no doubt that players and fans celebrate a game more when there’s a trophy at stake. When people get competitive, a trophy winds up looking pretty attractive and when you’re able to set aside a small amount of club funds to grab your team a special trophy, it’s easy to reflect your game and the sport league’s objectives with some customization. Some benefits include:

  • Boosts Players’ Confidence
    Every player wants to play for something they can be proud winning. An attractive trophy motivates players and boosts team confidence in the league. A fun, attractive trophy motivates every player to give their best in the game, with the hopes of winning the trophy.
  • Stake in the Game
    Losing a game may dent a player’s morale, but having a custom made trophy as the thing to play for will always keep them interested in going out again the next time for the big “W”. A well-made, high quality custom made trophy with your team’s favorite one-liner or team chant on it, for instance, will keep players’ feeling the team bond and playing for their team and for the league.
  • Upping Team Image
    A custom made trophy will stand out against more generic, off-the-shelf awards and add a great deal of appeal to the players looking to secure their own award. Custom trophies with engravings of inspirational messages, team photos, or trophies engraved with names of the players will always be a popular route to go when you’re looking to seal the team spirit of your group.

How to Find the Right Custom Made Trophy

There are many retail stores where you can find reliable custom made trophies for co-ed sports leagues. However, a reliable and resourceful online provider like Anderson offers the a wider variety of options to choose from. And irrespective of the type of trophy you need, it is important to have a trophy expert on hand that is able to:

  • Communicate effectively
    Getting your order right the first time and listening to your concerns and needs should be a top priority for your trophy partner. Is your contact communicating early and often regarding the exact details you want in your ideal trophy?
  • Compare different designs
    Does your provider have a selection that can meet your most fun and “out there” trophy ideas? Check to see if they offer customization past just off the shelf inventory.
  • Pricing and Delivery
    Nothing is worse than a trophy that shows up after the big celebration, or an order that comes in with hidden fees for undisclosed “rush” fees. Check to make sure you’re getting the whole picture before committing to your order.

Beyond picking your provider, it’s always a good idea when you’re having a trophy customized for adult league sports, that you’re able to speak with the other players and stakeholders, such as league sponsors, to ask for their opinions about the matter and then decide how you should have your ideal trophy customized.