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Customize Your Team’s First Place Ribbons With Your Team’s Mascot

Nothing speaks more of team spirit than proudly boasting the school’s mascot on memorabilia. Everyone knows the excitement of watching the mascot run down the field after a winning shot, or how it can raise the spirit of the team and the attendees when the team is down a few points.

The mascot is more than a person in a costume; it is a symbol of solidarity, which unites the team and motivates them to succeed. Adding your mascot to first place ribbons you award your winning athletes makes the ceremony much more special. As much as letter jackets are treasured by recipients and envied by other players, first place award ribbons with your team’s mascot will remind players about their team for years to come!

Recognizing Outstanding Talent

While any prize ribbon can have a team’s name or category for which they won, a custom award ribbon with a team mascot will truly embody the team’s spirit.

Adding your mascot to symbols of athletic recognition, such as a first place ribbon, for all to see during the presentation adds to the level of excitement for the entire group.  The mascot is a symbol of the team’s unity and common goal, which is the perfect thing to include on a first prize ribbon, reminding all players that there’s no I in team and everyone’s contribution is necessary for success.

Mascots Equal Spirit

The whole point behind the mascot is to raise the team’s spirit, which is why mascots came into existence in the first place. Every coach knows that there are two major components to winning a game – talent and spirit. When you lack the spirit, the team becomes lifeless and loses its sense of purpose. The mascot symbolizes not just winning, but also the combined work of the team to becoming number one.

Club Awards 

For some, the awards ceremony is the final touch to any season for the club, where recognition is given not only to the individual players, but to team as a whole. A strong school spirit brings the entire student body together, not only those in the sports club, but also school wide.

Adding a mascot to first place ribbons creates a long-lasting and one-of-a-kind gift for your treasured athletes.

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