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Different Types of Personalized Trophies Made from Wood

Trophies and awards can be given a unique touch with personalization which is why most people prefer buying custom trophies online these days. While you can get personalized trophies in all the common materials that are used to make trophies and awards there is a timeless appeal when it comes to using wood. Wooden trophies and plaques are easy to engrave using traditional engraving or modern laser engraving methods, allowing you to add almost anything onto the trophy and add to both its character and worth. What’s more, you can get many types of personalized trophies made from wood as well which makes it all the much easier to choose one that’s perfect either for use in a corporate setting or for your loved one.  Below are some of the different applications of wooden trophies and awards today.

Wooden Trophies for Employees

Wooden trophies are one of the easiest ways to portray your appreciation for an employee’s achievement in the company. In a corporate environment, wooden trophies not only stand tall as one of the best recognition awards but they also promote the concept of an eco-friendly lifestyle among the staff members. No matter whether it is an award for an accomplishment or a retirement gift, custom wooden trophies add great meaning for the one receiving it. You can easily engrave a personal congratulations or a farewell message onto wooden trophy plaques as well to make it an even more cherished momento to the recipient.

Wooden Trophies for Personal Use

Wooden trophies also make the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones on any occasion. Personalized trophy plaques can also be a unique gift idea for a wedding reception while giving them as a birthday gift can make the recipient feel more valued. You can also give custom wooden trophies and awards as a graduation gift, a retirement gift, or a small token of love to your family members to celebrate the festive season. Wooden trophies can also be designed in funny styles, making them a perfect gift for anniversaries as well.

Wooden Trophies for Students

Wooden trophies can be the most simple and wonderful way of admiring a student for his/her accomplishment. Be it in academics or sports, custom-designed wooden trophies and awards can serve the purpose of celebrating the achievement of the student in the best way. Besides, it also works to motivate other students to try hard and receive the trophy the following year. You can easily add the school name, logo, the sports or academic achievement of the student, and an inspirational quote on wooden trophy plaques.