Anderson Trophy Co. is committed to high levels of customer satisfaction.  Getting information from our customers in a format that eliminates typographical errors in the production process is key to making it right the first time.

Quality control in the production production process is essential to

In order to eliminate and avoid typographical errors in the production process, we are asking our customers to provide the details of their engraving in an acceptable digital format.

For orders that have multiple iterations of the same item where, for example, the recipient’s name is the variable detail in the engraving,

of Having high quality artwork and image files in the correct format are of critical important to the quality of the image we are able to deliver on our engraved items. Artwork and image file requirements depend on the how it will be used. Here are a few general guidelines for providing us with usable artwork and image files:

Laser Engraving

  • Must be a Vectored Graphic File
  • Acceptable File Formats: .eps, .ai
  • Must be in black and white format with no grayscale

Sand Etching

  • Must be a Vectored Graphic File
  • Acceptable File Formats: .eps, .ai
  • Must be in black and white format with no grayscale

Full Color Sublimation

  • Acceptable File Formats: .jpg, .png, .bmp,, .eps, .ai
  • Must have minimum 300 DPI
  • We do not warrant any specific color matching

Should your artwork or image file not meet these requirements, our Art & Design Team will provide you with an estimate of charges to rework the artwork into a usable format, if it is even possible. This service will be made available and charged separately and in addition to other products or services we offer.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at (818) 765-3770, or send us an email.


We really hate having errors.  We believe that doing things right the first time is the best way to make our customers happy, and it saves everyone a lot of frustration. 

We are able to dramatically reduce, if not totally eliminate, engraving errors (misspellings, transcription errors, illegibility errors, etc.) when we get text engraving in a digital format.  For low quantity jobs we can accept the text engraving by email.  For jobs of  10 items or more that require text engraving, we prefer, and sometimes require, for this data be sent to us in a .csv formatted file.  By getting data is this format, our customers are completely in charge of spelling, phrasing, use of capitalization, and other text nuances that are important to them.

If you have any specific questions about submitting your text engraving to us in a digital format, please give us a call.  We will be happy to help!

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