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Fantasy Football Trophies: Single vs. Perpetual

Fantasy Football Trophies

The draft is now closed on the 2017 Fantasy Football season, but do you have your fantasy football trophies picked out? Started as the brainchild of Oakland businessman and limited partner of the Raiders, Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach, fantasy football has grown in popularity over the last 50 years. In 1997, interest skyrocketed when CBS released the first publicly available league. It is now estimated over 19 million people are currently participating in fantasy football, which makes it one of the NFL’s most important marketing tools.

While there may be several different ways to run your league, after investing their time, money, and effort into putting their best team on the field every week, the manager who can stick it out and win it all, should be rewarded with more than just bragging rights. Award your manager’s winning season with fantasy football trophies worthy of their dedication.

In Fantasy Football, there are trophies and then there are trophies. Just like some players are better than others, some leagues do trophies unlike anyone else. The big decision: Do you choose a single year trophy for the winner to display in their home for years to come? Or do you go with a multi-year, perpetual trophy, which can be passed around year after year to the winning owners in your league? When choosing between the two options, consider your leagues budget and style, then put it to a vote among your managers.

Single year trophies are a great way to go if your league is on a tight yearly budget, especially if your leagues owners prefer to keep their trophies. Generally much smaller than a perpetual trophy, the cost is typically far less, but don’t be fooled by the price tag because a single year trophy means buying a new trophy every single year.

Multi-year, perpetual trophies are typically on the larger and more costly side, but since they are a one-time purchase, the cost ends up being far more reasonable throughout the years. Perpetual trophies can be found in amazing designs, much like professional sports awards. They create a sense of tradition and will encourage owners to return year after year in order to fight for their chance to get their name added to the coveted trophy.

From a silver Lombardi replica to a life-size chrome football, there are thousands of options to customize the fantasy football trophy of your leagues dreams. My personal favorite, the embodiment of everything fantasy football means, the armchair quarterback. Don’t forget to personalize your fantasy football award with the name of your league or even the FFL logo.