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What Makes A Glass Trophy a Great Choice?

Celebrating individual or team achievements in a company can go a long distance in motivating the employees and make them even more productive at work. At the same time, awarding trophies and plaques to students in a school or university also boosts the spirits of all the students to excel in their respective fields, be it education or sports. Recognition always matters so you should choose the best trophy that will withstand the test of time and remind the receiver of the achievement for years to come.

Choosing the Ideal Trophy

While cash prizes or incentives can be a simple way to celebrate an accomplishment, especially at the corporate level, it does not last for as long as a physical memento would. The recipient can showcase the physical token of appreciation he/she got for doing something good to others, which will not only make him/her proud, but also motivate others to look forward to receiving such an award in the future as well. Glass is one of the most popular materials used to make trophies because it can perfectly embody the character of long-term recognition. This is a huge added benefit of custom trophies and one of the main reasons they are such a timeless tradition.

The glass trophy stands as a visual proof of excellence that can be admired by all. Furthermore, its classic and impactful design never ceases to impress. While wood and metal trophies also serve their purpose quite well, glass trophies can go a step further with their different types and categories available that can complement the vibe of any celebration. Besides, glass trophies are very much affordable as well, while they still allow you to add personal touches to the memento to make it even more memorable.

There are two main categories of glass custom trophies – jade glass and crystal clear glass. While jade glass trophies are very cheaper when compared to those made with other materials, crystal clear glass trophies can cost a bit more because they feature the highest quality. Note that jade glass will have a greenish tint because of the high iron content in it, but crystal clear glass is superior in clarity and looks as alluring as a crystal.

Regardless of which type you choose, a glass trophy always look stunning and classy. Their timeless appeal makes glass trophies a great value to cost ratio for the buyers, and their unparalleled elegance makes them an esteemed asset for the receivers. What’s more, you can even engrave a personal message on glass trophies to draw everyone’s attention to it as well as to add to its importance in the life of the recipient.