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High Quality Custom Wall Plaques for Your Nonprofit

custom wall plaques

You started a nonprofit to make a difference. You sacrifice, sweat, and push yourself to help others. Your hard work has paid off, but you couldn’t have done it alone. You’re blessed with a talented, compassionate, and committed staff and awarding them with custom wall plaques can leave a lasting impression that shows them you care.

Why Custom Wall Plaques?

Plaques are different from trophies, ribbons, or other types of awards. They’re generally less bulky than trophies and they’re a bit more substantial than ribbons. Not to mention, custom wall plaques are:

  • Affordable. If you run a nonprofit, you’re not swimming in money. And if you are, you’re more likely to put it toward funding your organization’s programs and growing outreach efforts, rather than give it away as a monetary bonus. Plaques show your workers that you care and won’t put undue stress on the organization’s finances.
  • Professional. You want to say thanks to your employees, but you still want to keep it professional. Bottles of wine, six-packs, and gag gifts aren’t appropriate if you want to be taken seriously. Plaques convey to your staff and to those who visit that you recognize and reward dedication to the job.
  • Personal. Customized wall plaques show that you took the time to design an award yourself. You took the time to think of something unique, and it won’t go unnoticed.
  • Motivational. Perpetual wall plaques are widely used by companies for employee of the month awards because recognition like this often provides people with the extra motivation they need to remain dedicated and feel proud about the work they’re doing.

Customized Wall Plaques: Your Options

When you want to customize a plaque for one of your employees, you’ll have several options. First, you need to decide the material you’ll use. Plaques can be made out of a number of materials, but they’re most commonly made with wood, metal, and porcelain. The choice you make will impact the durability, longevity, and cost of your plaque.

Next, you must decide if you want the plaque engraved. You can engrave directly into the wood, metal, or porcelain, or you can add a glass or plastic cover. Many plaques are designed with slits that allow you to insert papers, certificates, and photos.

Lastly, you need to decide what you want the engraving to say. You can add names, dates, and a famous quote. Or, you could include a picture of the employee.

Browse our selection of customized wall plaques and let us know how we can help your nonprofit stay on budget while recognizing the efforts of your volunteers and staff members.