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High Quality Tradeshow Giveaways They’ll Hold Onto

tradeshow giveaways

Research by PPAI indicates that 69 percent of exhibit attendees pick up and keep tradeshow giveaways they find useful. At Anderson Trophy, our team is available to walk you through budget-friendly tradeshow giveaway options that will ensure your company stays top of mind with new and potential customers. Our experts work with all of our clients to help pick the promotional items that best complement your overall marketing strategy and are within your budget.

Here are a few of our more popular, high quality tradeshow giveaways:

Reusable Water Bottles

More and more people are choosing to carry reusable water bottles to cut back on expenses, as well as for environmental reasons. From bottle designs and packaging that will attract attendees to your booth, as well as compel them to use the bottle as an everyday item thereafter, our team is here to help you find the perfect water bottle for your next show. One of the bigger advantages of water bottles is that attendees often start using the bottle immediately while at the show which increases brand visibility.

Audio Devices

Audio equipment such as headphones and Bluetooth speakers are almost always a win. Our team is always available to help you find an affordable audio device that you can easily brand. The upside to this giveaway is that attendees can start using the devices immediately after pairing with their phones and your brand becomes a lifesaver for music lovers who may have forgotten their headphones at home. Audio devices also make cool gifts attendees can give to family members and loved ones.

Smart Wallets

Smart wallets are a favorite among attendees as many people appreciate the slim silicone pocket they can attach to their mobile device to create extra storage for credit cards, hotel keycards and business cards. With the smart wallet, booth visitors walk away with a cool, attention-grabbing item that protects their card strips. Its usefulness will draw people to your booth, and you can use the extra buzz to promote your brand and build business connections.

Adult Coloring Books

Adults love tapping into their inner child and coloring books offer a fun way to relax and channel out creative energy. By providing attendees with a coloring book at your stand, they associate your brand with fun, and are more likely to remember your company because of the unique nature of the promo item. Our team can help you identify different ways to incorporate your logo and company message into the artwork as an additional promotional tool. Attendees will definitely take note of the unique gift and even if it’s not colored in completely by the end of the show, attendees are sure to talk about the item with colleagues and other business associates. It also serves as a powerful engagement tool as attendees can share their artwork on social media using your company’s tags and username handles.

Portable Charger

Portable chargers are one of the most useful giveaways you can offer. No one likes being stuck with a dead battery and when it’s time to charge your laptop or phone, locating a free outlet can be neatly impossible at packed tradeshows and conferences. At Anderson, you will work with our branding experts to ensure your company logo and name appear in a way that potential clients can remember it long after the event.

Choosing quality giveaways shouldn’t be time consuming and at Anderson Trophy, our team of experts has the experience to ensure that your items will promote your brand and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Browse our selection of tradeshow giveaways now and let us know how we can help customize the giveaways for your company’s next event.