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Unique Trophy Ideas to Award Kids with

One of the best ways to congratulate kids who win a sports competition is to offer a great trophy as a token of appreciation. They will cherish the prize even more if it has some story or relevance behind it. While you can always award a conventional soccer trophy or column-style soccer trophy, small children will feel even better if they receive something fun. Below is a discussion on some of the best custom trophies you can award your kids.

Loveable Characters

When ordering custom trophies for small children, character trophies are a great way to incentivize kids. You can also use the soccer trophy dude which the kids love. He has adaptable, flexible arms that you and the group can move into any position you like. It is something that the kids will enjoy for years.

3D Effects

In the case that you want a trophy that really pops you may want to consider going with this popular idea. There are certain trophies, that appear to be popping out of the frame of the award. A resin trophy made in the style of a 3d sports player is an excellent choice for kids.

Monster Trophies

Congratulate your little kids with a trophy that makes them feel accomplished. You can use a monster victory trophy with your preferred addition of a sport or no addition at all. You also have the choice to order the monster victory trophy in a few different poses depending on your personal preference.

These trophies are great choices if the kids themselves are excitable and love monsters. However, any group that loves wild challenges can value these offbeat soccer trophies for children.

Bobblehead Soccer Trophies

These are adorable child characters that small soccer players will love. Children appreciate the comical large heads and guardians will also love the style. Use a male bobblehead soccer trophy or a female bobblehead soccer trophy for girls’ teams.

Surprise Movement

From the outside, a portion of these soccer trophies for children may appear as though they are just solid. However, it is only when you get closer that you find out that these soccer balls can move. You may describe it as a part award and a part toy. Either way, this is a trophy-style that kids love. There are other variants within this category of trophy that are also popular. The mega spinner custom insert medal is another excellent choice that children can spin all day long.

Consider the above ideas if you are planning to award kids some interesting trophies.