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Comparing Laser Engraving vs. Traditional Engraving on Trophy Plaques

Engraving is the simplest way to make personalized trophies and give a custom appeal to your award. Engraving custom trophy plaques with the name of the recipient as well as their accomplishment would make it even more special for them. Besides, it also motivates others to perform better as they look forward to receiving the esteemed award.

There are two main types of engraving used for trophies and awards these days: laser engraving and traditional engraving. Laser engraving, as the name suggests, uses laser technology to cut and etch the message onto the trophy’s surface. On the other hand, traditional engraving employs a special machine that physically touches the surface of the trophy to be engraved and create the message on it. Generally, traditional engraving is more suited to trophies and awards that are made of metal, glass, and wood, but laser engraving can be done on any kind of decorative trophy plaque whether it’s crystal, acrylic, glass, wood, or metal.

Note that in laser engraving, the machine cuts and removes the top layer of the trophy to engrave the message a fraction of a millimeter deeper on it. This allows the message etched on personalized trophies and awards to have better accuracy, clarity, and depth. Laser engraving can also be used to engrave logos as part of the special message, further boosting its value to the recipient. Likewise, it is also easy to engrave photos, inlays, lettering of any kind, and stamps using the laser engraving method, which is not possible with traditional engraving.

Another benefit of using laser engraving instead of traditional engraving, especially on glass trophy plaques, is that it makes the process simpler and safer. Until recently, glass trophies and awards were engraved using traditional engraving machines but it involved a great risk of breaking the glass down while engraving the message on it. As the laser engraving technique does not carry any such potential issues because the machine here does not touch the surface of the item physically it makes the entire procedure much easier for the trophy makers. That is why laser engraving is becoming popular in all types of applications today such as window glass etching or engraving silverware.

Choosing the right engraving method plays a great role in how the final product would look. As trophy plaques and awards are meant to be displayed, the message engraved on them should be expressive, appealing, and clearly readable. Both laser engraving and traditional engraving methods have their own advantages and disadvantages so the final choice boils down to personal preferences and budget.