The Anderson Award Donation Program

There are times when organizations are doing good, positive things for their community but it is scarcely funded, and there is no budget set aside for trophies and awards.  That is why we have the Anderson Award Donation Program.

The Anderson Award Donation Program is a way for Anderson Trophy Co. to donate trophies and awards to organizations and causes that organize or sponsor the types of things we want to support.  In these instances, Anderson Trophy enjoys the opportunity to contribute what we know best: trophies and awards. 

We encourage the submission of requests with the understanding that we cannot donate to every cause.  We evaluate and decide each request individually.  Some good things we like to promote:

  • Good cause not-for-profits 
  • Achievements and contributions to a good cause
  • Youth athletics in undeserved communities
  • Social reintegration programs
  • Animal welfare

Please submit requests below.  Thank you.