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Types of Materials Used to Make Personalized Trophies

Awards and trophies have a long-standing history and have been the center of attention in all kinds of ceremonies since ancient times. Giving trophies for events is of paramount importance for both the recipient as well as the organizer. For the recipient, the trophy can stand as a strong reminder of his/her success and accomplishments in their specific field while also representing the status and repute of the one giving the award. This means that the trophy should have the ability to impress onlookers as well as depict something remarkable about your organization. It is for this reason that you should be very diligent and thoughtful when choosing the perfect trophy plaques for your next event. 

Whether you are giving the award to celebrate excellence in sports, or to acknowledge the top performance of an employee, the trophy you choose should send a positive message to everyone. The trophy that you ultimately decide on should be valued by the recipient so that they can cherish it for a long time. As there are many different materials used to make custom personalized trophies these days you have a lot of options to select the most appealing and high-quality trophies and plaques. Below are some of the most common types of materials used to make awards and trophies.


Opting for glass trophies gives you the flexibility to choose from semi-custom to fully customized trophy plaques. Glass trophies are made from large sheets of float glass material which is cut into different shapes and sizes as per the desired designs. They are available in varied thicknesses and can help create unique designer trophies for all kinds of events. Glass trophies look elegant, sophisticated, and ultra-modern, and they can be customized around your budget as well.


Acrylic trophies are known for their cost-effective pricing and supreme durability. They look quite similar to glass trophies and awards which is why acrylic trophy plaques are gaining more and more popularity these days as a cheaper alternative. The material used is very lightweight and requires less care and maintenance than a glass trophy. Not only that but acrylic trophies are shatterproof as well. Acrylic trophies can be made in different creative designs too as the material is easy to mold into any shape as desired.


Crystal is one of the most sought-after materials for trophies and awards today. The material looks just like glass while its lead content makes crystal softer and able to be molded into any desired shape and design. The ease of carving that the material allows gives trophy makers the ability to create a highly attractive and meticulously crafted item. In addition, crystal has the ability to reflect light into a brilliant spectrum of colors making it a treat to the eyes. Some even say that the quality and elegance crystal trophies offer cannot be seen or replicated in any other material.


Wooden trophies have been popular since time immemorial. They suit all kinds of events and can be used to make custom trophies with different textures and finishes. Not only that but the material is also eco-friendly and helps represent and promote a greener lifestyle perfectly. Generally, awards made of wood are bigger in size and can sometimes feature a shield design. However, the naturally durable material can also fit as a classic choice for custom trophy plaques that can last for decades.


Metal trophies and awards are heavier and more durable than any other type of material used to make personalized trophies. You can get them in any shape and design but artistic geometric shapes are more popular in metal trophies. Although it can take a bit more time to make a metal trophy their stylish looks and urbane appeal justifies the wait time for an exquisite product. When metal trophies are polished their shine becomes even more pleasing to the eye. 

How are Custom Trophies Made

Custom trophy makers usually employ plastic injection molding methods to create designer trophies. However, some might use other methods, such as die-casting, to make personalized trophies and plaques as well. In plastic injection molding, steel dies are used to get the shape and form of the trophy components. The liquid plastic fills the steel dies and creates the different parts of the trophy which are then carefully assembled to get the final product. For the base, gypsum or metal studs are injected into the mold to give the component more weight and strength.

In the case of die-cast trophy plaques, they do not have to be assembled but are created in one piece which is then ground, buffed, and polished to get the desired shape and appeal. When it comes to engraving and giving the trophy a personalized touch, it is skillfully done by the custom trophy maker to get an aesthetically attractive product. The different techniques used for engraving awards and trophies include rotary engraving, hand engraving, and laser engraving.