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Personalized Trophies Aren’t Just for Sports Teams

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Personalized trophies tend to be associated with sports teams. Walk into any clubhouse and you see awards on display in showcases and under spotlights. You immediately get the sense of how important these symbols of excellence are to the athletes who received them. The coach and entire team are proud of the accomplishments of their most valued players. These awards often raise the sense of overall worth amongst the team members.

Now walk into many offices at companies all over the world and although there is an absence of the big spotlights, you will also see awards proudly displayed on the walls, desks and bookcases here. Personalized trophies are treasured in every industry and company-wide awards are commonly found in the reception area, on display for visitors and employees to view.

You can find awards openly displayed for every trade – from retail stores, marketing groups, and computer consulting firms, to restaurants, hobby shops and gas stations. Furthermore, different traits are valued across various types of businesses. Some highlight customer service, while others revere organization and cleanliness.

Why Is Recognition Meaningful?

Folks appreciate acknowledgement from their managers and coworkers, and showing appreciation is a sign of respect. Most everyone appreciates receiving attention for a job well done and those who perform their work with excellence should be showcased, so others may follow the lead.


  • increases morale
  • promotes productivity
  • creates a sense of purpose
  • elevates commitment and loyalty
  • retains group members longer

Overall, people need to feel important in their jobs. Success at work is often associated with a person’s overall worth in life. Introductions at social events usually begin with where you work or what you do for a living.

And praise for a job well done, either on an individual or group level is not only desired, but also required. Team spirit is found in all vocations, not just sports.

Why Are Personalized Trophies Important?

When you acknowledge that a person is worthy of attention, you want it to be special. After all, for this moment, the spotlight is on your employee. Present personalized trophies for this moment. The added effort shows you care enough to take the time to make it memorable.

Appreciation is just as significant as how it is shown.

Everyone wants to feel special. And when you spotlight the special person with a special award you really get the message across. At Anderson Trophy, you can make an award personalized for any situation. Putting in the extra effort mirrors your appreciation for the hard work your employee gave to earn the accolades.

Make It A Party!

The presentation of a personalized trophy means more in a festive atmosphere. You need not spend much effort to make a big difference in the ambience. And everyone is always looking for an excuse to celebrate; what better time than giving out personalized trophies? As everyone sees how much you care, your whole team will add spirit. And when gazing at the personalized trophies years from now, the entire event will be that much more meaningful and lasting!

Our team of experts is here to help you put together an employee recognition program with personalized trophies that your company can be proud of. Let us know how we can help!