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Recognizing Excellence with Personalized Medals

personalized medals

Ask most people in a volunteer situation or paid job whether or not they feel they are recognized for all their hard work and the answer will usually be a resounding “no.”

Many people spend most of their waking moments during the week at work, so when they feel unappreciated, productivity can end up faltering. Some folks will plow ahead anyway, but others may become disillusioned and give up trying to do their best. However, as a team leader you have the power to shift that attitude by presenting personalized medals to employees who may require a bit of recognition, turning a mediocre or underperforming worker or volunteer into an outstanding member of the team.

Team Recognition

While the members of your team work together, they all perform specialized tasks and may require different types of acknowledgements.

Jane wants to be recognized only through emails. She is shy and just needs to know her manager appreciates her effort. John likes his big moments recognized in big ways, because he wants everyone to see when he is praised.

Kevin likes an email to go out to the whole group. He is a little shy, but he still wants everyone to know he is a valued member of the team. Kerri would love to be featured in the newsletter.

However, all of them would appreciate receiving a personalized medal that they can hang on their wall at work, or take home to display. Personalized medals offer a lasting way to really show your team members how much you value them and their work.

In fact, according to Forbes Magazinehow you recognize folks is as important as the recognition itself.

Recognition needs to be personalized. If you don’t put effort into relating the acknowledgement, then it comes across as insincere. And that tends to be worse than no recognition at all. Think of it this way, your team member went above and beyond to perform the work. You should do the same in recognition.

Reducing Employee Turnover

Getting a paycheck at work or being allowed to stay on the team in a volunteer situation should be enough to convey the message that someone’s work performance is acceptable, right? Well, not always.

Some folks work harder than others and are more productive. When you distinguish those workers, they tend to remain with you for longer periods, are happier and spread good cheer to others. And when you give personalized medals, your employees are able to discern the specific areas of recognition that are important within your organization.

Recognition Goals

To get a successful recognition program going, you’ll want to:

  • Spotlight positive behavior that supports the group or company as a whole.
  • Create a culture of mutual respect among all the members of your group and other groups working with yours.
  • Make the recognition in a timely manner. To give kudos now for a job well done a year ago really will not mean much.
  • Improve productivity amongst all the workers.

When you show that your organization values how a job is performed, you make a big difference in how your entire team sees their jobs and tasks. At the same time, you’re giving them the opportunity to work towards doing an even better job when they feel incentivized with a personalized recognition item. This gets everyone on board for being more productive and creates a more positive work environment overall. Browse our selection of medals that can be personalized for your organization.