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The Science Behind Building Team Morale with Employee Service Awards

employee service awards

According to Forbes Magazine, over $40 billion is spent on recognition programs each year. However, the research shows that employee service awards at companies are generally found to be lacking.

Productivity is far lower than its potential when workers feel unappreciated. This makes sense, as a happy person pays is likely to be more engaged and pay attention to detail. So how do you make your staff feel appreciated? Forbes Magazine researched employee service awards and it explains the best ways to spotlight employees for their good work:

Employee Service Awards: Use Specific Examples

Employee of the month programs don’t really seem to work as they’re too generic. However, being precise with recognition does work. For example, a plaque for outstanding work in customer service on a specific client account says a whole lot more than a generic title of “Best Customer Service.”

Why? Because your employee is aware that you’re taking the time to notice their work. It shows you care. When given recognition for particular, specific tasks, your staff appreciates your attention.

Create An Atmosphere Of Peer Recognition

Employees wish to hear from fellow employees as much as their boss. Recognition from peers carry more weight for your team members as it represents a pat on the back from a group of people who actually know what it takes to perform any given task. Additionally, research has shown that managers often ignore those who quietly but consistently perform well and focus their attention on those who need to improve.

Everyone Loves A Good Story

When highlighting an outstanding worker, write about it in the company newsletter. Stories grab the attention of the rest the group and engage them in conversation, bringing more attention to the honored employee and the type of work ethic your company values. It also creates an opportunity for teaching others how to perform in great ways.

Frequently Give Kudos

Provide a program where employees can recognize each other on a regular basis. In these instances, incentives are far more effective than a once-a-year ceremony. Maritz, a jewelry company, has long been known for incentive programs. “It’s always been about people for us. Whether you’re our client, employee, or a program participant, we value you as a person. It’s our strength.” They add that timing is important during recognition:

Praise At Time Of Effort

When you give out a thank you at the time your employee performed well, it shows you are putting in the effort to take notice. And that’s the point. That you notice. So recognize your staff soon after something great happens, such as finishing a long-term project early, or fixing a problem. At the time something happens, everyone is aware of the effort put forth. In three months, that memory may have faded.

Sincere Recognition

Praise means nothing if there is no emotion behind it. When you tie in the above qualities to your incentive program, the whole system works effectively. People feel valued. Without the sincerity backing it, praise is worthless. Employees are more productive when they’re happy. Furthermore, happy employees are more likely to stay on with your company, reducing employee turnover. Browse our large selection of customizable employee service awards and let us know how we can help you build your team’s recognition program.