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Most Popular Corporate Awards For The End Of The Year

The end of the year is the time when you would generally start planning for the next year’s goals. However, it should also be the time to look back on past achievements of the current year and take a moment to recognize and appreciate those who played a part in reaching those milestones. Giving employee awards at the end of the year can be a boost for the top performers to dedicate themselves a bit more toward the future of the company. So make sure to hand out the below employee awards to the deserving candidates before transitioning into the new year.

Employee of the Year

The “Employee of the Year” award is a great way to motivate everyone in your company to perform better. Give this to the employee who never compromised on the quality of his/her work and brought great results for your company. When choosing the award, make sure that it has good quality, features your company logo, and mentions the achievement of the employee. You can make it even more special by including the name of the employee and a simple thank you or motivational quote on the trophy plaque.

Best Customer Service

No company can survive in today’s competitive world without offering good customer service. If your company does not have polite and friendly customer service representatives it can easily ruin the reputation of your business and might even lead to potential revenue losses. So select the best customer service employee in your company and appreciate their contribution toward the success of your business with the “Best Customer Service” award.

Top Salesperson of the Year

The “Top Salesperson of the Year” or “Top Marketer of the Year” award would honor the time and effort put forth by the employee to reach more customers and promote your business. Recognizing the best salesman/saleswoman in your company for his/her skills would surely inspire others to go that extra mile and perform better in the upcoming days. You can choose glass or acrylic trophy plaques for this award.

Team Impact Award

If your company were in the services industry, then you would surely have a team of employees to take care of specific tasks. Find the team that played a big role in the overall success of your company this year and give them the “Team Impact Award” to recognize their contribution. This award can also be given to your employees for the completion of a special project, on reaching a specific target, or for any other particular team accomplishment.

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Interesting Facts About The US Open Trophy

The US Open Trophy is one of the most coveted awards in golf and is given to the winner of the United States Open Championship golf tournament. It is the second oldest trophy of all professional major golf championships which makes the prestige of earning this coveted trophy even more of an achievement. Below are some interesting facts about the US Open trophy.

The Name

Most of the trophies in popular sports tournaments are known by their names, such as the Stanley Cup for NHL and Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy for NBA. While many of the major golf championship trophies are also known by their names, such as the Claret Jug for British Open, and the Wanamaker Trophy for PGA Championship, the US Open Trophy was never named. It just stands for the tournament, the US Open Championship.

The Size and Shape 

The US Open Trophy is made of sterling silver, featuring two handles on the sides and a solid base. It is 18 inches tall and six inches in diameter, and it weighs around 8.5 lbs. It has “United States Golf Association Open Championship” engraved on one side, with a laurel wreath engraved beneath that surrounds a scene depicting four golfers. There is a winged, female figure on top of the trophy cup’s lid representing Victoria the Goddess of Victory.

The current US Open trophy dates back to the year 1947 where it was first awarded to Lew Worsham by the United States Golf Association. It is a replica of the original US Open trophy, which was designed by the Gorham Company in the year 1895, for the first-ever US Open golf championship. The original US Open trophy was destroyed in a fire accident in 1946.

The Winners

The names of US Open Golf Championship winners are engraved around the base of the trophy. The name of the winner is usually engraved right after the end of the tournament. The new champion can also watch the engraving process and specify how their name should be engraved on the trophy. If there was no longer any room for engraving the name of the new winner on the trophy’s base, it would be replaced by another sterling silver base.

The winner of the US Open tournament is allowed to take the personalized trophy home and display it as part of their trophies and awards collection for one year. They are then required to return the championship trophy to the USGA before the start of the next year’s US Open golf tournament. Aside from the trophy the winner also gets the Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal which they get to keep for life.

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Why Choose Trophy Plaques for Corporate Achievements

The use of awards and trophies has become a common thing in the corporate world. Where business owners used to reward their top-performing employees with cash prizes and bonuses in the past modern-day entrepreneurs knew physical awards could do much better for morale. For instance, awarding trophy plaques to the best employee of the year among the entire staff would make the recipient feel special and valued. At the same time, such a celebratory event would also motivate other employees to work harder and achieve the esteemed award the next year. That is a great benefit for the business.

Custom personalized trophies can add to the overall worth of receiving the token of appreciation. Putting trophy plaques with the name of the receiver engraved on display on the company premises would also make the employee feel proud of the accomplishment while inspiring others to improve their productivity at work too. The more personal the trophy appears the more meaningful it is to the receiver. For that reason, business owners also opt to include the title of the award, such as “Employee of the Year” or Best Performer of 2019”, on trophy plaques. Similarly, adding the name of the recipient, the company details, and business logo would make it look even more professional and cherished award.

Engraving premium trophy plaques is very easy these days too thanks to laser engraving technology. Trophy makers can add any image, logo, message, or quote to the award and give it a personalized touch as per the needs of the buyer. Below are some of the most common types of trophy plaques that can celebrate an accomplishment in the corporate environment in the best way possible.

Aluminum Plaques

Being a durable and malleable material, aluminum is one of the best choices for making trophy plaques. It would have a long life and can even endure extreme temperature changes. Besides, aluminum is also very easy to engrave and always offers a classy and elegant finish.

Brass Plaques

As a mixed alloy of copper and zinc,  brass carries great strength and ductility, making it another great alternative material for making awards and trophies. Its attractive color makes brass trophy plaques modish and graceful, which suits corporate-level celebrations perfectly.

Wooden Plaques

Wood is a time-honored choice for making trophy plaques. The unmatched appeal and timeless quality of wooden trophies make it a highly adored item. What’s more, wooden awards and trophies can survive the test of time easily and would surely last for years.

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The Significance of a Personalized Trophy

A personalized gift can easily make just about any event more memorable and cherished. Buying a personalized gift can be compared to buying a tailored shirt instead of a normal one, giving you an added element of detail to bring the best out of your style and persona. Similarly, when you buy a personalized gift instead of a generic one it can stir a bit more excitement to the celebration. This principle also applies to when you give trophies and awards for achievements as well.

Generally, a trophy or an award is given to a person as a token of acknowledgment and appreciation for commemorating any important achievement. It can be a graduation, an achievement in sports, the best performance in the office, retirement, etc. No matter what the milestone is, giving a personalized trophy to the recipient would demonstrate how much thought and care you have put into it. Besides, personalized trophies would also stand as a reminder of the achievement for a very long time. In an organization, personalized trophies can work to motivate other employees to try their best to get one for themselves as well. This, in turn, enhances the productivity of the team.

How to Personalize a Trophy or Award

There are many ways, in which you can personalize a trophy and show your appreciation towards the achievement of the person. The simplest way to customize an award or a trophy is to inscribe the name of the recipient on it, alongside the milestone achieved by the person. A generic trophy would not have a name inscribed on it like a one-size-fits-all thing. Yet by adding the name of the recipient on the trophy you can directly address the person through it which makes it very special for the receiver.

Likewise, adding a highlighting note, such as “Best Performer of the Year” or “Top Player of the Season”, can perfectly describe the achievement of the person and make it unique for him/her. You can also include a personalized statement on the trophy to give it an added special touch. A motivational message inscribed on the trophy in an endearing and professional way would work wonders to add more value to the award. Just make sure that it is short, precise, and would send a positive vibe to all who look at the token of appreciation.

You can also add many other elements on a trophy to personalize it, such as the date of achievement, company name and logo, photo of the recipient, etc. You can get in touch with customized and personalized trophies providers to get more ideas on how to make the most memorable award design for your needs.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Trophy Cup

There are a lot of options on the market for trophy plaques and cups these days making it a bit difficult for you to choose one for your next event. While going for a custom trophy cup or plaque is one of the best ways to deal with the dilemma you should take care to follow some simple rules to make sure that your trophy is the best fit for your occasion. Below are 5 tips to help you pick out an ideal trophy cup for your specific needs.

Consider the Event Type

All trophies are created differently and feature various style elements and designs. Considering that your trophy would be the center of attraction during the presentation ceremony you should make sure that it suits the event perfectly. For instance, giving a large cumbersome trophy cup for a 100-meter dash in a school competition might look awkward. In this sort of case, an attractive custom trophy plaque might suit the mood of the event better.

Consider the Age Group

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a trophy is to make sure that it fits the age of the contestants in the event. While colorful and comical trophies in different shapes and designs can be suited for small children there are also trophies that are a bit more contemporary in style that are more suited for college-level events. For professional events, trendy custom trophies would be the best.

Consider the Trophy Weight

The weight of the trophy is often compared parallel to the worth of the award. For instance, if you give a lightweight trophy to the winning team of a sports event, their joy and happiness of the achievement would disappear immediately as soon as they lift the trophy. A heavy trophy, on the other hand, would boost the feeling of accomplishment for the team, which is what giving a trophy is meant for.

Consider the Material

You can get trophy plaques in many different types of materials nowadays. From traditional options like metal and wood to modern alternatives like acrylic, crystal, and glass, you have numerous choices in the material type today. You can also choose to carve or inscribe on the trophy to make it more stylish and special to the person receiving the award.

Consider the Trophy Size

The size of the trophy always matters when celebrating an event. The bigger the trophy cup, the more it strikes the sense of accomplishment. Yet at the same time, the size should be chosen in accordance with the event type and age group so that it serves its purpose well. Just make sure that it is adequately sized so that it upholds the importance of the achievement of the person.

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Award Ideas to Acknowledge Top-Performing Workers

1ABF Series Plaque - Red Woodgrain

For employees, there is no better feeling than knowing that they are being awarded for their marvelous work. This lifts the morale of employees and that will be a benefit to you if you are a business owner. Distributing awards for employee excellence has lots of benefits, which leading corporate companies are beginning to notice. Besides acting as a token of “thank you” to seasoned performers, these awards can encourage the rest of your workforce to work towards a goal, while creating a positive environment and improving corporate loyalty.

Rewards need not be always limited to just bonuses and vacations. A simple trophy is sometimes just as effective. We recommend that you consider the following when determining the best approach to reward your employees.

Distribute Awards Which Can Be Displayed

Giving your top employees something tangible which they can display is the best way to acknowledge their performances. This can be something as simple as a plaque featuring dazzling finishes and graphics or an artistic-looking trophy. The appropriate award can be a cherished memento, which will serve as a reminder of their achievement for years to come.

Perpetual Plaques Offer Lasting Recognition

Handing out awards to top employees is a win-win situation. It is great for you and those who have toiled at the time of recognition. When employees mention their award on their resume or display it in their office, it shows that you value their hard work and it will reflect well on the work quality maintained at your business.

Boost that image even further by giving out sophisticated perpetual plaques to your workers. By carrying through with the award ideas mentioned here, you will show how proud you are of your employees, giving those worthy ones lasting public recognition.

Customize Awards for a More Personal Approach

Here is one more awards idea: elevate awards through customization. Even one standard-looking plaque or trophy will have more significance when engraved with the worker’s name and a touchy message from your side. Offering a unique award gives workers a singular distinction, which they will be very proud to show off to their loved ones and business clients.

Celebrate Achievements with an Employee Awards Ceremony

Distributing these awards is also a matter of celebration. Affirming the achievement of top-performing employees will motivate them to keep working at their maximum level and will inspire their peers too.

For the perfect event, you need to have the perfect awards.