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Common FAQs on Engraving Crystal Trophies

Engraving on crystal trophies is one of the simplest ways to add a personal touch and create a personalized custom award. Aside from text, you can also engrave logos and images on crystal awards to make it more special to the recipient. Below are some of the most common FAQs regarding engraving on crystal trophies.

How Much Text Can I Engrave on Personalized Trophies?

This depends upon the size of the crystal trophy plaques. As each award is customized differently, there is no standard limit on text and characters that can be engraved on the trophy. However, it would be better to stick to the template and design offered by the custom trophy maker to get the best results. Trophy makers would have created the template based on the size and shape of the trophy and would have enough spacing on each side for whatever text or image you would like to place within reason.

What are the Best Colors to Use on Crystal Trophy Plaques?

You can engrave text and characters on personalized trophies in any desired color. As crystal trophies do not have a tint of green hue as that seen in glass trophy plaques, you can decide on any color that fits your personal preferences on the award. Generally, custom trophy manufacturers offer engraving in red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, brown, as well as gold and metallic silver. You can even have the company logo engraved on the crystal trophy in its native colors.

Is it Possible to Engrave on Both Sides of Trophy Plaques?

You can engrave on multiple sides of trophies as per your needs. This, in fact, makes the award even more personalized. Yet again, it would be better to consult with the custom trophy maker to understand to what extent you can engrave on both sides of crystal awards. That is because crystal trophy plaques are optically more transparent and not as favorable to multiple side engraving as the awards made from wood or metal are.

What are the Best Fonts to Use on Personalized Trophies?

It is better to use sans-serif fonts on crystal trophies to get a clearer result. Yet again, it is not mandatory and you can choose any font you like. Most of the trophy manufacturers recommend going with 12-point font size, but that too would depend upon the engraving area as well as the amount of text to be added on the trophy. You can refer to the proof of your design and make any changes required before the award is engraved.