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Common FAQs on Engraving Crystal Trophies

Engraving on crystal trophies is one of the simplest ways to add a personal touch and create a personalized custom award. Aside from text, you can also engrave logos and images on crystal awards to make it more special to the recipient. Below are some of the most common FAQs regarding engraving on crystal trophies.

How Much Text Can I Engrave on Personalized Trophies?

This depends upon the size of the crystal trophy plaques. As each award is customized differently, there is no standard limit on text and characters that can be engraved on the trophy. However, it would be better to stick to the template and design offered by the custom trophy maker to get the best results. Trophy makers would have created the template based on the size and shape of the trophy and would have enough spacing on each side for whatever text or image you would like to place within reason.

What are the Best Colors to Use on Crystal Trophy Plaques?

You can engrave text and characters on personalized trophies in any desired color. As crystal trophies do not have a tint of green hue as that seen in glass trophy plaques, you can decide on any color that fits your personal preferences on the award. Generally, custom trophy manufacturers offer engraving in red, yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, brown, as well as gold and metallic silver. You can even have the company logo engraved on the crystal trophy in its native colors.

Is it Possible to Engrave on Both Sides of Trophy Plaques?

You can engrave on multiple sides of trophies as per your needs. This, in fact, makes the award even more personalized. Yet again, it would be better to consult with the custom trophy maker to understand to what extent you can engrave on both sides of crystal awards. That is because crystal trophy plaques are optically more transparent and not as favorable to multiple side engraving as the awards made from wood or metal are.

What are the Best Fonts to Use on Personalized Trophies?

It is better to use sans-serif fonts on crystal trophies to get a clearer result. Yet again, it is not mandatory and you can choose any font you like. Most of the trophy manufacturers recommend going with 12-point font size, but that too would depend upon the engraving area as well as the amount of text to be added on the trophy. You can refer to the proof of your design and make any changes required before the award is engraved.

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Different Types of Personalized Trophies Made from Wood

Trophies and awards can be given a unique touch with personalization which is why most people prefer buying custom trophies online these days. While you can get personalized trophies in all the common materials that are used to make trophies and awards there is a timeless appeal when it comes to using wood. Wooden trophies and plaques are easy to engrave using traditional engraving or modern laser engraving methods, allowing you to add almost anything onto the trophy and add to both its character and worth. What’s more, you can get many types of personalized trophies made from wood as well which makes it all the much easier to choose one that’s perfect either for use in a corporate setting or for your loved one.  Below are some of the different applications of wooden trophies and awards today.

Wooden Trophies for Employees

Wooden trophies are one of the easiest ways to portray your appreciation for an employee’s achievement in the company. In a corporate environment, wooden trophies not only stand tall as one of the best recognition awards but they also promote the concept of an eco-friendly lifestyle among the staff members. No matter whether it is an award for an accomplishment or a retirement gift, custom wooden trophies add great meaning for the one receiving it. You can easily engrave a personal congratulations or a farewell message onto wooden trophy plaques as well to make it an even more cherished momento to the recipient.

Wooden Trophies for Personal Use

Wooden trophies also make the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones on any occasion. Personalized trophy plaques can also be a unique gift idea for a wedding reception while giving them as a birthday gift can make the recipient feel more valued. You can also give custom wooden trophies and awards as a graduation gift, a retirement gift, or a small token of love to your family members to celebrate the festive season. Wooden trophies can also be designed in funny styles, making them a perfect gift for anniversaries as well.

Wooden Trophies for Students

Wooden trophies can be the most simple and wonderful way of admiring a student for his/her accomplishment. Be it in academics or sports, custom-designed wooden trophies and awards can serve the purpose of celebrating the achievement of the student in the best way. Besides, it also works to motivate other students to try hard and receive the trophy the following year. You can easily add the school name, logo, the sports or academic achievement of the student, and an inspirational quote on wooden trophy plaques.

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Interesting Facts About The US Open Trophy

The US Open Trophy is one of the most coveted awards in golf and is given to the winner of the United States Open Championship golf tournament. It is the second oldest trophy of all professional major golf championships which makes the prestige of earning this coveted trophy even more of an achievement. Below are some interesting facts about the US Open trophy.

The Name

Most of the trophies in popular sports tournaments are known by their names, such as the Stanley Cup for NHL and Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy for NBA. While many of the major golf championship trophies are also known by their names, such as the Claret Jug for British Open, and the Wanamaker Trophy for PGA Championship, the US Open Trophy was never named. It just stands for the tournament, the US Open Championship.

The Size and Shape 

The US Open Trophy is made of sterling silver, featuring two handles on the sides and a solid base. It is 18 inches tall and six inches in diameter, and it weighs around 8.5 lbs. It has “United States Golf Association Open Championship” engraved on one side, with a laurel wreath engraved beneath that surrounds a scene depicting four golfers. There is a winged, female figure on top of the trophy cup’s lid representing Victoria the Goddess of Victory.

The current US Open trophy dates back to the year 1947 where it was first awarded to Lew Worsham by the United States Golf Association. It is a replica of the original US Open trophy, which was designed by the Gorham Company in the year 1895, for the first-ever US Open golf championship. The original US Open trophy was destroyed in a fire accident in 1946.

The Winners

The names of US Open Golf Championship winners are engraved around the base of the trophy. The name of the winner is usually engraved right after the end of the tournament. The new champion can also watch the engraving process and specify how their name should be engraved on the trophy. If there was no longer any room for engraving the name of the new winner on the trophy’s base, it would be replaced by another sterling silver base.

The winner of the US Open tournament is allowed to take the personalized trophy home and display it as part of their trophies and awards collection for one year. They are then required to return the championship trophy to the USGA before the start of the next year’s US Open golf tournament. Aside from the trophy the winner also gets the Jack Nicklaus Gold Medal which they get to keep for life.

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Comparing Laser Engraving vs. Traditional Engraving on Trophy Plaques

Engraving is the simplest way to make personalized trophies and give a custom appeal to your award. Engraving custom trophy plaques with the name of the recipient as well as their accomplishment would make it even more special for them. Besides, it also motivates others to perform better as they look forward to receiving the esteemed award.

There are two main types of engraving used for trophies and awards these days: laser engraving and traditional engraving. Laser engraving, as the name suggests, uses laser technology to cut and etch the message onto the trophy’s surface. On the other hand, traditional engraving employs a special machine that physically touches the surface of the trophy to be engraved and create the message on it. Generally, traditional engraving is more suited to trophies and awards that are made of metal, glass, and wood, but laser engraving can be done on any kind of decorative trophy plaque whether it’s crystal, acrylic, glass, wood, or metal.

Note that in laser engraving, the machine cuts and removes the top layer of the trophy to engrave the message a fraction of a millimeter deeper on it. This allows the message etched on personalized trophies and awards to have better accuracy, clarity, and depth. Laser engraving can also be used to engrave logos as part of the special message, further boosting its value to the recipient. Likewise, it is also easy to engrave photos, inlays, lettering of any kind, and stamps using the laser engraving method, which is not possible with traditional engraving.

Another benefit of using laser engraving instead of traditional engraving, especially on glass trophy plaques, is that it makes the process simpler and safer. Until recently, glass trophies and awards were engraved using traditional engraving machines but it involved a great risk of breaking the glass down while engraving the message on it. As the laser engraving technique does not carry any such potential issues because the machine here does not touch the surface of the item physically it makes the entire procedure much easier for the trophy makers. That is why laser engraving is becoming popular in all types of applications today such as window glass etching or engraving silverware.

Choosing the right engraving method plays a great role in how the final product would look. As trophy plaques and awards are meant to be displayed, the message engraved on them should be expressive, appealing, and clearly readable. Both laser engraving and traditional engraving methods have their own advantages and disadvantages so the final choice boils down to personal preferences and budget.

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The Significance of a Personalized Trophy

A personalized gift can easily make just about any event more memorable and cherished. Buying a personalized gift can be compared to buying a tailored shirt instead of a normal one, giving you an added element of detail to bring the best out of your style and persona. Similarly, when you buy a personalized gift instead of a generic one it can stir a bit more excitement to the celebration. This principle also applies to when you give trophies and awards for achievements as well.

Generally, a trophy or an award is given to a person as a token of acknowledgment and appreciation for commemorating any important achievement. It can be a graduation, an achievement in sports, the best performance in the office, retirement, etc. No matter what the milestone is, giving a personalized trophy to the recipient would demonstrate how much thought and care you have put into it. Besides, personalized trophies would also stand as a reminder of the achievement for a very long time. In an organization, personalized trophies can work to motivate other employees to try their best to get one for themselves as well. This, in turn, enhances the productivity of the team.

How to Personalize a Trophy or Award

There are many ways, in which you can personalize a trophy and show your appreciation towards the achievement of the person. The simplest way to customize an award or a trophy is to inscribe the name of the recipient on it, alongside the milestone achieved by the person. A generic trophy would not have a name inscribed on it like a one-size-fits-all thing. Yet by adding the name of the recipient on the trophy you can directly address the person through it which makes it very special for the receiver.

Likewise, adding a highlighting note, such as “Best Performer of the Year” or “Top Player of the Season”, can perfectly describe the achievement of the person and make it unique for him/her. You can also include a personalized statement on the trophy to give it an added special touch. A motivational message inscribed on the trophy in an endearing and professional way would work wonders to add more value to the award. Just make sure that it is short, precise, and would send a positive vibe to all who look at the token of appreciation.

You can also add many other elements on a trophy to personalize it, such as the date of achievement, company name and logo, photo of the recipient, etc. You can get in touch with customized and personalized trophies providers to get more ideas on how to make the most memorable award design for your needs.

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Types of Materials Used to Make Personalized Trophies

Awards and trophies have a long-standing history and have been the center of attention in all kinds of ceremonies since ancient times. Giving trophies for events is of paramount importance for both the recipient as well as the organizer. For the recipient, the trophy can stand as a strong reminder of his/her success and accomplishments in their specific field while also representing the status and repute of the one giving the award. This means that the trophy should have the ability to impress onlookers as well as depict something remarkable about your organization. It is for this reason that you should be very diligent and thoughtful when choosing the perfect trophy plaques for your next event. 

Whether you are giving the award to celebrate excellence in sports, or to acknowledge the top performance of an employee, the trophy you choose should send a positive message to everyone. The trophy that you ultimately decide on should be valued by the recipient so that they can cherish it for a long time. As there are many different materials used to make custom personalized trophies these days you have a lot of options to select the most appealing and high-quality trophies and plaques. Below are some of the most common types of materials used to make awards and trophies.


Opting for glass trophies gives you the flexibility to choose from semi-custom to fully customized trophy plaques. Glass trophies are made from large sheets of float glass material which is cut into different shapes and sizes as per the desired designs. They are available in varied thicknesses and can help create unique designer trophies for all kinds of events. Glass trophies look elegant, sophisticated, and ultra-modern, and they can be customized around your budget as well.


Acrylic trophies are known for their cost-effective pricing and supreme durability. They look quite similar to glass trophies and awards which is why acrylic trophy plaques are gaining more and more popularity these days as a cheaper alternative. The material used is very lightweight and requires less care and maintenance than a glass trophy. Not only that but acrylic trophies are shatterproof as well. Acrylic trophies can be made in different creative designs too as the material is easy to mold into any shape as desired.


Crystal is one of the most sought-after materials for trophies and awards today. The material looks just like glass while its lead content makes crystal softer and able to be molded into any desired shape and design. The ease of carving that the material allows gives trophy makers the ability to create a highly attractive and meticulously crafted item. In addition, crystal has the ability to reflect light into a brilliant spectrum of colors making it a treat to the eyes. Some even say that the quality and elegance crystal trophies offer cannot be seen or replicated in any other material.


Wooden trophies have been popular since time immemorial. They suit all kinds of events and can be used to make custom trophies with different textures and finishes. Not only that but the material is also eco-friendly and helps represent and promote a greener lifestyle perfectly. Generally, awards made of wood are bigger in size and can sometimes feature a shield design. However, the naturally durable material can also fit as a classic choice for custom trophy plaques that can last for decades.


Metal trophies and awards are heavier and more durable than any other type of material used to make personalized trophies. You can get them in any shape and design but artistic geometric shapes are more popular in metal trophies. Although it can take a bit more time to make a metal trophy their stylish looks and urbane appeal justifies the wait time for an exquisite product. When metal trophies are polished their shine becomes even more pleasing to the eye. 

How are Custom Trophies Made

Custom trophy makers usually employ plastic injection molding methods to create designer trophies. However, some might use other methods, such as die-casting, to make personalized trophies and plaques as well. In plastic injection molding, steel dies are used to get the shape and form of the trophy components. The liquid plastic fills the steel dies and creates the different parts of the trophy which are then carefully assembled to get the final product. For the base, gypsum or metal studs are injected into the mold to give the component more weight and strength.

In the case of die-cast trophy plaques, they do not have to be assembled but are created in one piece which is then ground, buffed, and polished to get the desired shape and appeal. When it comes to engraving and giving the trophy a personalized touch, it is skillfully done by the custom trophy maker to get an aesthetically attractive product. The different techniques used for engraving awards and trophies include rotary engraving, hand engraving, and laser engraving.