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Trophy Ideas for Sports Competitions

Are you experiencing difficulty in choosing the kind of trophy to give out at an upcoming sports competition? Below is a discussion on some of the most widely recognized custom trophies alongside recommendations on which sports and occasions they are most appropriate for.

Figurine Trophies

These are probably the most well-known trophies used for team sports. In this case, the trophy itself portrays a scene from the game being referred to. They are ideal for high-intensity games like football, volleyball, or basketball. With these kinds of trophies, you may see a baseball player ready to go, looking to swing the bat or an Australian Rugby footballer standing in full gear. Such trophies are perfect for active sportspersons as they represent the intense and decisive moment involved in their respective games.

Trophy Cups

Trophy cups date back to the time of ancient Greeks. During the old days, winners in the first Olympics would get an enormous cup loaded up with holy olive oil. The present-day trophies exist to try to bring back the same kind of spirit. Not only that, but it instills a sense of pride in the winner. It is for this reason they’re best distributed for competition among fierce rivals. This includes titles and competitions. These trophies can also be used for academic honors as well as spelling bees.


This type of honor is best for displaying the achievement of something unique. For instance, it can be given to a swimmer who breaks a long-held record in their school’s history or region even if they were not taking part in a competition. A custom plaque enables you to congratulate an accomplishment without being forced to give a ‘First Place’ award. Plaques are great items to display and can be hung on the wall for quite a long time. You can also award them to honor academic achievements.


Medals are can be considered more attractive and respectable than a plaque for some. It denotes an accomplishment worth preserving for a lifetime. This accomplishment could be athletic or scholarly in nature. In the majority of cases, this kind of honor is presented to an individual who has shown boldness or set an example for others. With that in mind, custom medals are best saved for feats that are not likely to be repeated regularly. These are usually awarded to first, second, and third-placed achievers in track and field events.

Consider the above ideas if you are looking to honor individual achievers in sports and other competitions.