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Why Choose Trophy Plaques for Corporate Achievements

The use of awards and trophies has become a common thing in the corporate world. Where business owners used to reward their top-performing employees with cash prizes and bonuses in the past modern-day entrepreneurs knew physical awards could do much better for morale. For instance, awarding trophy plaques to the best employee of the year among the entire staff would make the recipient feel special and valued. At the same time, such a celebratory event would also motivate other employees to work harder and achieve the esteemed award the next year. That is a great benefit for the business.

Custom personalized trophies can add to the overall worth of receiving the token of appreciation. Putting trophy plaques with the name of the receiver engraved on display on the company premises would also make the employee feel proud of the accomplishment while inspiring others to improve their productivity at work too. The more personal the trophy appears the more meaningful it is to the receiver. For that reason, business owners also opt to include the title of the award, such as “Employee of the Year” or Best Performer of 2019”, on trophy plaques. Similarly, adding the name of the recipient, the company details, and business logo would make it look even more professional and cherished award.

Engraving premium trophy plaques is very easy these days too thanks to laser engraving technology. Trophy makers can add any image, logo, message, or quote to the award and give it a personalized touch as per the needs of the buyer. Below are some of the most common types of trophy plaques that can celebrate an accomplishment in the corporate environment in the best way possible.

Aluminum Plaques

Being a durable and malleable material, aluminum is one of the best choices for making trophy plaques. It would have a long life and can even endure extreme temperature changes. Besides, aluminum is also very easy to engrave and always offers a classy and elegant finish.

Brass Plaques

As a mixed alloy of copper and zinc,  brass carries great strength and ductility, making it another great alternative material for making awards and trophies. Its attractive color makes brass trophy plaques modish and graceful, which suits corporate-level celebrations perfectly.

Wooden Plaques

Wood is a time-honored choice for making trophy plaques. The unmatched appeal and timeless quality of wooden trophies make it a highly adored item. What’s more, wooden awards and trophies can survive the test of time easily and would surely last for years.