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Volunteer Recognition: An Attitude of Gratitude

Volunteer recognition requires an attitude of gratitude.  Finding different ways to tell your volunteers how important they are to the success of your organization is the most important thing. Recognizing volunteer contributions is important on several levels. The truth is we all want our volunteers to enjoy their experience and feel their efforts are appreciated. At the same time, saying thank you and formally recognizing volunteers is important to keep these individuals motivated and happy so they’ll keep coming back. After all, volunteer recruitment and training is time-consuming, so it’s in your organization’s best interests to ensure your volunteers are having a fulfilling experience. More simply put, think of your volunteers as ambassadors for your organization where their experience will directly impact the way in which they represent your organization. So developing an on-going process to thank and recognize your volunteers can have a beneficial impact on your organization’s success.

Volunteer recognition can focus on individuals that contribute to a particular event, a specific goal, or served a certain number of hours or years of service. Often times, volunteers are recognized during an appreciation event where leaders can publicly thank these individuals or teams for their contributions, and present them with a series of thank you gifts and recognition plaques and awards. Volunteer recognition awards don’t need to break the bank either! A simple medal or trophy with your organizations logo and a message of appreciation can be a great way to maintain morale and keep volunteers coming back. For those volunteers that go above and beyond or have dedicated a notable amount of time to your organization, go the extra mile with an elegant crystal or acrylic award.

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