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Decorative Plaques for Government Employees

Managers are always looking for ways to motivate their employees to be more productive. In the government sector, this is no exception, plus the leaders in this industry are often restrained by tight budgets and may not be able to reward their staff by raises or bonuses.

The good news is that monetary rewards may not be necessary to increase productivity at all! In fact, a study by the University of Warwick recently found that employees are more productive at work when they are happy. The study claims that happy employees can be up to 12 percent more productive.

How can you improve the corporate culture in your government office and lead your staff to be happier? By recognizing your employees’ hard work and effort with award ceremonies where you give out decorative plaques as rewards for good performance.

When you reward your subordinates, you let them know that you see their efforts and value them. Appreciation award plaques are inexpensive, attractive and provide the following benefits:

Job Satisfaction

Giving out custom picture plaques to your staff members shows that you recognize what they are doing, and you appreciate how they are invested in the department’s success. It should come as no surprise when you start to notice that the person you awarded the plaque to becomes inspired to work harder days or weeks after receiving award.

Job Loyalty

When employees know that management takes the time to notice their contributions and thanks them with custom plaque picture plaques, they don’t feel ignored and invisible on the job, which is a common complaint of many government employees. This means that these individuals will feel appreciated and will likely be more committed and loyal to their jobs.

Team Spirit

Decorative plaques awarded to employees are good for team spirit and employee morale. Be creative when giving out the awards by allowing employees to nominate one another for different award categories. It helps when you involve everyone in the ceremony, as well as showing the recipient that everyone in the team has the same high opinion about their performance at work.

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